This is a waterfall.

And right in front of the waterfall are the creators of HelloBalm!

HelloBalm was created by two people with a mission: to help those with all types of skin conditions using a safe and natural homemade solution. We wanted to provide relief from uncomfortable symptoms while also promoting healthy, radiant skin.

Our inspiring story began...

...when we met a sweet old grandma, whom we'll call Grandma G, at our usual volunteering event.

We've been visiting Grandma G for 3 months, talking to her and getting to know her when we realized she was struggling with a mysterious skin condition. On her left leg were red spots, dry flaky skin, and a distinct red line that separated her seemingly inflamed skin from her normal skin color. She has gone to her primary care doctor and dermatologist, yet no one knew what was going on with her leg for months.

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The results were beyond our expectations...

For a while, we've been making and using tallow balm after researching its compatibility with our skin. We found that it's gentle enough for our skin and has amazing moisturizing properties. Not to mention, its ability to reduce acne breakouts! It has especially saved us during the dry winter seasons.

We talked to Grandma G about this balm to see if she'd like to try it. We hoped that the balm would help with the dry, flaky skin as well as her itchiness, though, we weren't expecting much out of it.

We visited Grandma G a week after she had started using our balm, eager to see how it was working out. Much to our astonishment, the effects of the balm extended far beyond relieving her of her dry skin. The improvements we saw were remarkable!

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The encouragement that we needed...

To our delight, we could see that the red spots on Grandma G's legs had significantly lessened in size and number, her dry skin was almost completely gone, and the line between her inflamed skin was starting to fade away.

Grandma G shared with us how much of an improvement she had seen in her itchiness. We were overjoyed that our balm had helped Grandma G and thought this was the end of our story.

But Grandma G had another idea in store for us... She persistently encouraged us to share this balm with other people so that they could benefit from it too.

We were initially hesitant about building a business and selling our balm, but then one month after we first used it on Grandma G, we received a call from her doctor asking us what was in the balm that cleared up her leg problem.

We were caught off guard, and we immediately visited Grandma G the next day. She excitedly showed us her leg which now looked almost like normal.

The red line had faded to a barely-there pink color and there was no longer any flakiness or red dots. The best part for her was that she didn't have to spend $29 every other week for a steroid cream that only worked temporarily for a few hours at a time.

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Thank you!

Thank you for reading this far. This has been a long but amazing journey for us. If you were inspired by Grandma G's story or would just love to support us, please consider checking out our products. They are truly amazing and has done wonders to our own skin! We would love for you to be able to try it out :D

No more hesitation.

When we told our friends, coworkers, and acquaintances (if you're reading this, thanks for following along and supporting us) about Grandma G's story, the conversation quickly switched to their own skincare struggles. From dry, itchy patches to eczema, each of them had something unique going on.

Our female coworker mentioned that her skin was highly sensitive even to products marketed for sensitive skin and caused negative reactions. Meanwhile, our male coworker found lotions to be too greasy for his liking.

After hearing Grandma G's story, our friends, coworkers, and acquaintances were eager to give the balm a try. When they consistently used it, they started to see visible improvements in their skin - their skin was glowing and more supple. Even the female coworker with hyper-sensitive skin declared that she had no unwelcome reactions after using the balm.

This solidified our decision to launch our business with the mission of helping people of all ages who suffer from various kinds of skin conditions.

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Everyone's skin is unique

With an understanding that everyon's skin is unique, we strive to create a line of balms that is inclusive in hope that it would help anyone who vists our shop for a solution to their stubborn and inconveniencing skin condition.

We know kids often suffer from eczema and diaper rash so we made most of our products kid-friendly.

Our new balm line!

Our Natural Balm is the foundation for all of our Tallow Balm products and consists solely of Argan Oil and Grass-fed beef tallow, making it safe to use with little possibility of side-effects. This balm has no scent, which is perfect for those who like unscented skincare products, have sensitive skin, or are under three years old and don't want to risk any negative side effects from the essential oils that was used in the other scented balm.

Our six other scents - Energy, Festive, Relief, Sleep, Strength and Stress-Free - have been formulated with essential oil dilution at less than 1% to ensure that they are safe for children's use. Not only do these scents make the balm smell better but they also enhance the already beneficial properties of our Natural Tallow Balm. Each scent contains unique essential oils with further advantages to address problems such as lack of energy in the morning, inflammation, itching, acne, stress, and difficulty sleeping. We encourage you to visit our product page for more information :D

Boo's Story 💖

Boo, our 13-year old Pomeranian, has been shedding fur for the past few years due to Alopecia X, which is a hereditary condition that causes hair loss and skin hyperpigmentation. He sadly had to be dressed in CUTE dog shirts to cover his balding body. Out of curiosity and knowing that our balm (the Natural line) was dog-friendly, we decided to try and apply it daily to Boo's lil' body for about 6 months.

Well, whale, 🐳, to our surprise his fur started growing back and he looks like the fluffy pomeranian that he was always meant to be. His cuteness ruled over us once again, making it impossible to break free from his control.